quarta-feira, dezembro 12, 2007

Eu não diria bem assim, mas é muito muito bom

«We invented football. Then made the mistake of teaching it to the rest of the world, who - not being English - missed the point entirely.Football in its purest, English, form is a joyous game of kick and rush with shouting and smoking. The rot started with the Scots, who invented passing. And since then every non-English nation on the planet has felt free to produce its own ethereal, acrobatic and even artistic version of a game that was never designed to be beautiful.Our mistake was to try to play the foreigners at their version of our sport - culminating in the disastrous decision in 1950 to enter the World Cup, a competition clearly biased in favour of those teams that are best, rather than most English.»

Morrissey sobre o futebol inglês, ao Guardian. Links e comentários brilhantes no local onde o descobri.