terça-feira, março 24, 2009

Quanto maior a crise, maior a superioridade

«The Chap Olympiad seeks to celebrate specifically British qualities, such as the excessive drinking of dry martinis before lunch, the wearing of monocles, the smoking of pipes and the maintenance of an immaculate crease in one's trousers despite having tripped over a basset hound on the way to the pavilion. All our events are designed to test competitors' levels of panache, elegance and savoir-faire, as a cheerful alternative to watching our nation's hopeless attempts to compete on the world stage in sports such as soccer and cricket.»

Tudo pode ser lido aqui, no coração do que é bom. E de preferência acompanhar com Pigeon Pie, de Nancy Mitford, edição Penguin, 1961, comprada na mítica Shakespeare and Company, em Paris. Ah espera, isso sou eu.

domingo, março 22, 2009